Kate Hives


It has been a whirlwind of a month which has most recently landed me back in Victoria BC, Canada (my home waters), but I feel I am only just arriving here and in order to truly arrive, I feel I need to reflect on my magical times in Scotland.   I didn’t know it was a dream of mine to paddle in Scotland, until I paddled in the Small Isles last year…. Read More

I had the pleasure of heading out with 9 other paddlers, some locals from Sydney (the New South Wales Sea Kayak Club)  and a few from Queensland, out from Watsons Bay…around South Sydney Head and along the cliffs towards Diamond Bay. There was a good collection of paddlers and I felt a bit nervous as most of them were in Tide Race Pace 17’s and there were a few Rockpool Taryns in… Read More

Tasmania!?! The globe trotting adventures continue with an adventure to Australia. I’ve been taking in some of the coastline, messing around in longboats on a few rivers and involved with some training with the local club. What a blast! I can’t wait to check out more of this beautiful ocean!!! I’ve been loving my Werner Sherpa for Coastal Play Sessions, messing around rocky coastlines, surfing the incoming swell…even taking the sea boats… Read More

Location: Pucon, Chile My first adventure to Chile some years ago gave me a taste of some of the white water that Region X (10) has to offer. The Futaleful Valley delivered with beautiful canyons, challenging rapids and a thriving white water community. I have been longing for more and so when the opportunity arose to travel to the mountain town of Pucon, Chile, set beneath the still active Volcano Villarica, cloaked… Read More

Simposio De Kayak Pacifico Sur Location: Valdivia, Chile When I received an email in my inbox in regards to a Sea Kayak Symposium to be hosted by Pueblito Expeditiones in Valdivia, Chile, I did not hesitate once in making my decision to go. I have had the opportunity to paddle in Chile once before in 2008 when I was guiding a few trips in Region XI, the second most southern region of… Read More

It has been a long summer of Sea Kayak Instruction, personal paddling, time with friends and family and the beginning of an Academic Adventure… so of course, I thought it would be great to head out with 3 good friends and 6 Sterlings Kayaks across Canada. We will travel from Victoria BC to Halifax NS, a part of Canada I have still yet to see. The catalyst for this trip is the Bay… Read More