Cross Canada Road Trip

It has been a long summer of Sea Kayak Instruction, personal paddling, time with friends and family and the beginning of an Academic Adventure… so of course, I thought it would be great to head out with 3 good friends and 6 Sterlings Kayaks across Canada. We will travel from Victoria BC to Halifax NS, a part of Canada I have still yet to see. The catalyst for this trip is the Bay of Fundy Sea Kayak Symposium where Rowan Gloag, Costain Leonard and myself will be coaching sea kayaking with a  great team of coaches and a pile of inspired students!!! We will have our resident historian along for the ride as well, Chels, who i’m sure will help keep the trip real… and not let us get to kayak crazy!!!

I’ll be posting 1 photo a day via Instagram… so follow along on our 5 week adventure where the plan is adventure and the goal is good times!!! Paddle Hard and Play Safe!!!


#Sterlingkayaks #Kokatatwatersportswear  #WernerPaddles #Nikkirekmansales #Sealssprayskirtsandaccessories


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