Paddling the Shubie, Nova Scotia good times!

So it’s been over 2 weeks since Costain, Rowan, Chels and I set out on our road trip. We have made it to the East coast, just short of dipping toes in the Atlantic at Halifax, but we’ve been getting our full of the ‘chocolate river’ and loving figuring out the dynamic tidal races of the incoming tidal bore up the Bay of Fundy and into the Shubie.
It is such a cool sight to wait, watch, and then paddle hard to hit some big glassy up-to-ten-foot waves. It’s like tidal race surfing, beach break surfing and river running all tucked into one awesome package!!!
I’ve been loving my Werner ‘Sherpa’ paddle and my Kokatat ‘Icon’ Drysuit! Good gear makes great paddling SUPER!! (Shameless plug)
Tomorrow we will be heading to the south end of Nova Scotia for the Bay of Fundy Sea Kayak Symposium. So stoked to have met more of this great coaching team last eve and excited to meet all the students! Paddling culture rules!!
I’ll keep posting one photo a day on Instagram, so stay tuned…

#sterlingkayaks #kokatat #wernerpaddles #nikkirekmansales #sealssprakskirts




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