Oh Canada!!! Back on the West Coast

The sky is on fire!

The sky is on fire!

Sometimes, when adventure calls, you must answer. I have always been what my mother called a ‘seeker’; my life, it seems, has been based around saying yes, going with the flow and trying to enjoy every moment for what gifts it offers.

My adventure to the UK this past winter has taught me so much! It has humbled me as a paddler, created learning opportunities beyond my wildest dreams and shown me beauty in places I never knew existed. I know that travel is expensive, it costs the earth and it takes you away from your home waters and community, but it does wonders for perspective.

Beach life

Arriving back to the smell of the Pacific Ocean, the musty perfume of cedar trees and the call of the Canadian raven gives me pause for thanks and gratitude for the sense of place I have here on my Vanvouver Island home.

I miss this place, and arriving back here after a time away from the routine of everyday life, I have renewed eyes from which to see it. I am excited to see the beaches dotted with wolf tracks, the pounding surf of the outer island, the coolness of the rainforest and the warm waters (compared to the Irish Sea) of the Pacific.

The only challenge with travel is that it opens up new possibilities and my dreams are bigger now! There are so many places to see, places both far and near… With all the wonderful places to see in this world, I wonder what I have yet to discover here?

I am so grateful for the opportunities that are afforded to me, the people I have met along the way and am excited for what might happen next.

What have I learned this time around?Dream big! Open your heart to adventure both far and near… And find the courage to say yes to the unknown!

Have fun out there!

Taking Flight

Taking Flight

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